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To inspire teachers of life cycle based quantitative sustainability assessment, the Academy is developing course plans and high-quality content, and runs pilot demonstrations of the developed courses

Below you can see a dynamic list of current course offerings and examples of course plans developed by the International Life Cycle Academy. Based on this this you can request similar courses. You can also request a tailor-made course for your organisation. For enquiries write to us at:

Current LCA courses

Advanced quantitative Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment – 3 pillars, 6 capitals, 17 SDGs
First course: March 28th– April 1st 2022 (full)
Second course: May 30th– June 3rd 2022 (full)

This course on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) uses hands-on exercises, constructing individual impact pathways organised around the exhaustive policy framework of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from indicator definitions and data collection to calculation of impact factors and weighting.

Advanced LCA – Consequential and IO-based Life Cycle Assessment
April 20th– May 12th 2022 (Online and Physical)
This course aims at strengthening skills in life cycle inventory analysis. The course introduces advanced inventory modelling using the techniques of consequential LCA and input-output (IO) LCA.

Examples of course plans