Courses on‑site

To inspire teachers of life cycle based quantitative sustainability assessment, the Academy is developing course plans and high-quality content, and runs pilot demonstrations of the developed courses.

Below you can see a dynamic list of current course offerings and below that examples of course plans developed by the International Life Cycle Academy. Based on this you can request to join similar courses via a waitlist. You can also request a tailor-made course for your organisation. Courses are updated for each edition, and therefore we do not have ‘standard’ prices listed. For enquiries write to us at:

Current LCA courses

IO and Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment
June 21th – 23th 2023. (Applications open)
This 2.5 day course gives a thorough background for understanding both monetary and physical input-output models, and how the quality of an IO-table depends on the way it is made. The course gives an introduction to the most advanced and detailed hybrid IO-database: Exiobase v4 hybrid version – and how it is used for LCA studies.

Spatiotemporal life cycle assessment with Brightway
April 24th – 28th 2023 (Full with wait list)
Practical application of spatially- and temporally-dependent life cycle assessment (LCA) using the open source Brightway software framework.

Advanced LCA – Consequential and IO based Life Cycle Assessment 
April 11th – May 15th 2023 (Full with wait list)
This course aims at strengthening skills in life cycle inventory analysis. The course introduces advanced inventory modelling using the techniques of consequential LCA and input-output (IO) LCA.

Examples of course plans