Courses on‑site

To inspire teachers of life cycle based quantitative sustainability assessment, the Academy is developing course plans and high-quality content, and runs pilot demonstrations of the developed courses

Below you can see a dynamic list of course offerings and examples of course plans developed by the International Life Cycle Academy. Based on this this you can request similar courses. You can also request a tailor-made course for your organisation. For enquiries write to us at .

Current LCA courses

Managing the LCIA (impact assessment) phase of LCA January 15-16, 2018
This course gives the LCA practitioner the basic skills for navigating the LCIA (impact assessment) phase of LCA. The general framework, definitions and concepts are presented (ISO standards, state-of-the art, practical exercises).

Advanced LCIA (impact assessment) modelling January 15-16, 2018
A deep dive into the modelling aspects involved in the life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) phase of LCA studies to give the LCA practitioner advanced skills. Practical exercises and new trends in LCIA modelling.

IO and hybrid Life Cycle Assessment January 22-24, 2018
This course gives a thorough introduction the most advanced and detailed hybrid IO-database: Exiobase v3 and the background for understanding and building both monetary and physical input-output models.

Examples of course plans