The International Life Cycle Academy is coordinating the development of webinar courses.

There is an increasing demand for on-line training, but development of fully automated on-line courses is costly. The Academy is therefore experimenting with a webinar-based course format; something in-between on-site courses and full-scale on-line courses. This format is a series of webinars (e.g. 10 webinars over 10-20 weeks) with on-line group work and student exercises in between webinars.

The development of the new webinar-based courses is done in on-line cooperation between Academy members, based on the material from the existing on-site courses. Coordination of the development is done by . The first course that is currently being transformed into webinar-format is the “Consequential Life Cycle Assessment modelling” course.

Due to the Covid-19 situation two of our on-site courses are offered online this year.