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New edition of IO and hybrid Life Cycle Assessment course

July 6, 2017 by ILCA

Here at ILCA we are happy to announce that there will be a 2018 edition of the successful IO and hybrid Life Cycle Assessment course with associate professor Jannick Schmidt, University of Aalborg, Denmark. The course will be held in Barcelona 22-24 January 2018.

The course gives a thorough introduction to one of the most advanced and detailed hybrid IO-databases: Exiobase v3, which has both monetary and physical balances for 168 industries in 49 countries and country-groups.  The physically balanced layer has been designed, built and maintained by Jannick and his co-workers.

This course also explains Input-Output Analysis in general, and how this is the only way to ensure completeness life cycle assessment (LCA). In the hybrid approach, IO databases provide the completeness, which is then supplemented by detailed bottom-up data to the desired level of detail – making this a powerful tool both for screening and full LCA.

Become fully versed in the hybrid approach with this course. Read more about Jannick Schmidt here.