Review of three recent textbooks on LCA

The ILCA Academy members strive to review and recommend available teaching materials. With the aim of a stringent approach a set of criteria for a good beginner’s LCA textbook has therefore been developed.

These criteria have been used to review three recent textbooks on LCA:

  • Jolliet O, Saadé-Sbeih M, Shaked S, Jolliet A, Crettaz P. (2016). Environmental Life Cycle Assessment. Boca Raton: CRC Press
  • Matthews H S, Hendrickson C T, Matthews D H. (2016): Life Cycle Assessment: Quantitative Approaches for Decisions That Matter –
  • Hauschild M Z, Rosenbaum R K, Olsen S I (Eds.). (2018). Life Cycle Assessment: Theory and Practice. Heidelberg:Springer. (link)

A summary of the first part of the review has now been published in Journal of Industrial Ecology. For each of these three, more detailed comments are available in the following files:

Review details Jolliet
Review details Matthews
Review details Hauschild